AMAROQ Valkyrie Female Riding Boots - Black


The Amaroq VALKYRIE is a Full Size (10 Inches) Female boots which have been carefully designed to deliver complete protection, durability, waterproofing, and unparallel comfort to your feet even in the toughest conditions. High quality YKK zippers have been strategically placed at the back and pulling the strap makes it easy to put these boots on.
  • 36, 37, 38, 39, 40,41

Product Description

Amaroq Valkyrie riding boots are made with full-grain, highly water-resistant DIN leather and include safety features such as moulded TPU Shin protectors as well as visco elastic ankle protectors. The boots come with reinforcements for heel, toe, ankle, and shin protectors for complete safety and reflective detailing will keep you visible and safe as you ride into the sunset. It also comes with Amaroq exclusive Air cushioning technology for the extra tough TPR Sole with anti-slip and high abrasion resistant technology. This makes Amaroq Valkyrie stand apart from the rest and makes your rides much more comfortable and safer. Despite all the reinforcements, the Valkyrie boots are light weight making them convenient to use even off the bike. Amaroq-exclusive Viltex waterproof and breathable membrane will keep your feet dry during those sudden rain showers. The Amaroq Valkyrie boots will be your perfect riding partners, be it those short breakfast rides, cross-country touring, or those adventures in the unexplored! 

Key Features: 

  • Extra Strong Thermoformed TPU Reinforced Toe and Heel for protection 
  • Visco-Elastic Ankle Protector for better impact absorption. These protectors are designed to offer impact absorption in the ankle area. They provide additional layer of protection to minimize the risk of injuries in case of impact or accidents. 
  • TPU Shin Bone Protectors with added padding. 

  • First-in-class Air Cushioning technology in the outer sole for comfortable all-day rides and shock absorption while riding or walking. 
  • Extra Tough TPR Sole with unmatched reinforcements for extra strength, Stability, Rigidity, and abrasion resistance without compromising on grip. 
  • Multiple reinforcements at the Arch and heel for Saddling times to save on discomfort, Fatigue, and Pain and helps in maintaining better balance while saddling.. 

  • Full Grain Water-Resistant DIN Certified Leather The shoes are made of Full Grain DIN Certified leather, which is known for its water resistance properties. This type of leather is treated to repel water and resist penetration, helping to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. 

  • Amaroq Exclusive VILTEX Water-Resistant and Breathable Membrane: This membrane is incorporated into the shoes to provide a high level of water resistance and keeping your feet dry and comfortable. 

Additional Waterproofing Specification 
  • Hydrostatic head – JIS L1092 B – >10,000 mm 
  • H2O Water vapor permeability – JIS L1099 A1 – >1,000 g/m2 24 hours 

  • Industry-Leading YKK Zippers: Having industry leading YKK zippers on the shoes ensures durability and reliability when fastening and securing the footwear. 

  • EN ISO 20345:2021


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AMAROQ Valkyrie Female Riding Boots - Black

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