Warranty Policy

AMAROQ INDIA Warranty Policy 

Riding boots from Amaroq India come with a 6-month limited warranty from the date of purchase, if they are accompanied by an invoice from an authorised retailer. 

  • Discounted or sale items are not eligible for warranty. 
  • Repair or replacement is the only option available under warranty; however, Amaroq India reserves the right to decide on the course of action. 
  • Products must be shipped to our Pune office for inspection and approval; once approved, the product is sent back to the customer free of charge. 
  • Colour of replacement parts may not match that of original product. 
  • If your boot has been discontinued, an equivalent model will be sent to you. Under no circumstance a refund will be made. 
  • Amaroq India cannot be held liable for boot problems that occur outside of warranty coverage. However whatever support possible will be provided by Amaroq India. 
  • Any replacement done during the warranty period will not extend the warranty of the product. 
  • Amaroq water resistance is ISO 20344:2011,5.15.1 compliant. 
  • The only scientific test required by ISO 20344:2011,5.15.1 to determine the waterproofness of motorcycle boots is testing. The test method consists of walking 100 steps on a suitable platform with a water level of 5 mm above the soles. Boots are considered waterproof after passing this test. 

The manufacturer provides no warranty on the waterproofing of these motorcycle riding boots. While the boots are designed with materials and construction methods aimed at resisting water penetration, various factors such as prolonged exposure to water, extreme weather conditions, and individual usage patterns can affect their performance. It is important for users to understand that waterproofing effectiveness may diminish over time and with wear. Consequently, the manufacturer cannot guarantee absolute waterproof performance and recommends regular maintenance and the use of additional waterproofing treatments to enhance the boots' longevity and resistance to water ingress.

Warranty cannot be claimed under following circumstances: 
  • Wear and tear due to regular usage. 
  • Damage caused by an accident or a fall. 
  • Damage due to mishandling. 
  • Colour fading due to usage or exposure to sun. High viz colours are likely to fade faster on sun exposure.
  • Problems occurring due to lack of maintenance. 
  • Usage under atypical conditions. 
  • Any modifications or customizations to the product will void its warranty. 
  • Application of chemicals or strong detergents that could harm the product. 
  • Exposure to high heat source. 
  • Rider experiencing subjective issues like fit, comfort, etc are not covered under warranty. 
  • Damage to accessories like zippers, stitches, buttons, liners, fabric, patches and prints due to usage.
  •  Fabric pilling. 

AMAROQ INDIA cannot be held liable for any cosmetic damage the product may have while purchasing. Customers are advised to check the product thoroughly before purchasing. In-case of Warranty Claim Boots should be returned to the following address:

Bikerz Inc. 

A-15, L Square, 

Porwal Road, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra – 411047 

Email: amaroqindia@gmail.com 

WhatsApp: 8308830727/8978451732 (9AM to 6PM – Monday to Saturday)